Sunday, 20 February 2011

Too Many Works in Progress

I'm terrible for starting a project, working on it feverishly, then getting tempted by a new one shortly afterwards. This has led to me having 15 projects on the go at the start of 2011.

Now I agree a bit of variety is good when stitching; being able to rotate to a different size or style of project can help keep your interest. But 15 was just getting embarrassing!

I'll be bringing my number of works in progress down in stages.

First of all, my goal is to get down to 9 before I'm allowed to start any more (which would make the total 10, a nice round number).

After that I aim to get down to 4 before I can start any more.

This way I'll have no more than 5 works in progress at any time. It will feel manageable and I won't have a pile of unfinished pieces playing on my conscience, all vying for my attention.

Adding to my stash in this time is of course completely allowed, or there just wouldn't be any fun!

I've already decided on the next project I'll be starting when I hit the magic 9:

British Bulldog

My other half, Ian, saw this and decided he'd like me to stitch it for him. It's ready and waiting in my bag of stash kits.

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