Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Free Floss from Rosace

Rosace, based in Spain, are giving away 3 free skeins of floss. You don't need to give any credit card details, just your address and email address. And there's no postage and packing either, so there's no charges at all.

The colour references are the same as DMC, prefixed by 00. So DMC 310 (black) would be Rosace 00310 (black).

The limit is 1 offer per household.

My freebies are on order, so hopefully should be arriving soon. I've not used this brand before, but if it's free I think they're worth a try!

Click here to go to the website: Free Floss Offer

Updated post to add: The floss arrived a couple of days ago and seems to be decent quality, considering the price!

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