Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Few Small Finishes

Here are my latest finishes:

This is taken from Joan Elliott's Wit and Wisdom book. It's supposed to be for a photo album, but I've adapted it a little to make it suitable for a Thank You card (by changing the lettering).

Joan Elliott is becoming one of my favourite designers! There's loads of other designs in this book I'd like to do as well, as well as dozens of charts that she's done for World of Cross Stitch.

Another card, this design was taken from Two Hour Cross Stitch (it took less than two hours though :P)

And finally, this card design was taken from an issue of World of Cross stitch:


  1. wonderful! and Joan is my favorite!

  2. What lovely finishes! I've given you the Liebster Award - you can pick it up on my Finish Friday blog:

    1. An ever so belated thank you! I'm so sorry for not picking this up before, my blog has been sadly neglected but I'm going to give it much more attention this year!