Sunday, 12 January 2014

Another 2014 SAL - Christmas Themed

After signing up for the 2014 WIPopalypse, I soon found another SAL that seemed perfect for me!

From the cross stitch forum I post on, it's a commitment to try and create one Christmas type item each month for 2014. Seeing as I always plan to get my cards done early but inevitably don't, I'm hoping this will give me the kick to start early and end up in December with all my planned Christmas stitching done.

My goal for this SAL is to finish a card a month. I normally stitch about 10 cards each year, so that also leaves 2 months free to get some ornaments for the tree done too.

I'm looking forward to participating in this SAL. Cards are nice quick finishes that I can work on during lunch breaks at work, so I should be able to complete my goals and avoid the usual rush in the week before Christmas to get the last few cards done.

I'll aim to get each one done for 21st of each month, so first one is due for 21st January... I'd better go and find a design to stitch!

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