Sunday, 5 January 2014

WIPocalypse 2014

I found this SAL on Measi's Musings and thought it fitted well with what I had planned for 2014 - making some progress on all my WIP's.

The WIP's I'm including in my SAL are all those currently in progress on my 2014 page, plus my 2 new starts for this year; Baby Hugs by Design Works and a Cat Cushion from the World of Cross Stitch magazine.

First monthly progress post will be on 16th January.

Here's the list of WIP's:

1. Calicos Mystical Pumpkin
2. Rabbit Rendezvous
3. Peter Rabbit Birth Sampler
4. Busy Bunnies
5. Winter Sun
6. Shire Horses
7. Yellow Submarine
8. SK Trick or Treat
9. Siberian Tiger
10. Siberian Forest
11. Peacock Tapestry
12. The Stag
13. African Sunset
14. Baby Hugs
15. Cat Cushion

Loose goals: start and finish Baby Hugs by March, Cat Cushion by August, finish Siberian Tiger by November and Busy Bunnies (which has been on the go since 1998 :O ) by the end of the year. And as much or little progress on the others as I can fit in!

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